Lian He Zhao Bao
14/05/2001 New Young Technopreneur who started.

Straits Time Newspaper
30/08/2001 The straits time newspaper for 2001 (His own master at age 20)

The Straits Time: Way ahead of his time
30/08/2001 Straits Time, Way ahead of his time.

Planet E Magazine
14/09/2001 Planet E Magazine, Young Entrepreneur in the animation industry.

Young Parents
14/11/2001 Young Parent Magazine, Cover Story of  Zensational

Channel News Asia, AM Singapore, Art Channel
12/12/2001 Vancouver International Film Festival VEAF Award ( Vancouver Animation Tridigital Film 1st Prize )

Today Newspaper Cover Story : Design Success
08/07/2002 Dream Today by National Youth Council Teenage Magazine

Making of elzeno
10/08/2002 Youth Inc, Documentary Show (Story of elzeno)

Teenage Magazine
15/08/2002 Teenage Magazine (Extraordinary Youth Case Study By National Youth Council)

Channel News Asia
08/10/2002 Online Articles

President’s Challenge
29/08/2002 Presentation of President’s Social Services Volunteers

Straits Time Interactive
29/08/2002 Poly Grad Bold Design pays off.

C21Citizens: Young People in a changing Common Wealth
12/12/2002 UN Common Wealth Youth Programme Representing Singapore “Design for Life”

Elzeno Newsletter
July Monthly Elzeno newsletter.